Low Prices Everyday

We have low prices every day on all our products. We do not play games with our pricing to show an over inflated regular price to give the perception that the sale price is 90% off. You may from time to time find slightly lower prices on other sites, but they also have lower quality service or high shipping charges.

Safe and Secure Information

We do not store or keep any credit card information on our servers. The credit card processing company is the only one with that info at the time of purchase. We also do not sell or share any customer information with 3rd parties. When you choose to buy from Candied Couples, you become a valued partner and we take that seriously.

We are customers too!

We know what it was like trying to find products in this category and searching a simple site only to be bombarded with images and messaging that was crude and inappropriate. We want you to feel comfortable, safe, and have fun. If you don't understand a product, send us a note and we will guide you to a choice that is best for you!


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