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  • As a happily married couple that wanted to add a little sugar to our relationship, we felt that all the online stores offering product in the “Sugar” category were very graphic and vulgar. After trying to search through a sea of confusion we always walked away with more questions than answers…
  • Our mission was to create a safe place where couples could explore their “Candy Types” without being intimidated. At the end of the visit we want couples to feel happy and satisfied and in turn use Candied couples to enhance their relationship.
  • We understand that not every couple likes the same type of candy and we have tried to create a selection of products that are categorized by your couples type… even if you venture into another candy bowl… its clean, educational and fun!
  • Our online store is open day and night all year round and saves you the embarrassment of buying personal items face to face or shopping for product you want around products that just freak you out! We pride ourselves in providing an unrivaled delivery service, aiming to dispatch your product within 24 hours of you placing your order. Thus, ensuring your goods are delivered in a timely manner. We even mail your goods discretely to ensure even the postman doesn’t know what type of candy you like!
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