Valentine's Day Sale on Sex Toys

It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day is one of our favorites at Candied Couples. We see it as a day that can be filled with lighthearted fun—and one that can revitalize that special mood for couples.

If you’re looking for a sweet, casual way to dial up the intimacy in your bedroom, we have great Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her to get things moving in a direction that will be light hearted and fun for you both.

Have a look at our Valentine’s Day Top Picks—here you’ll find all sorts of products that work great as conversation starters about sex for couples, like our massage candles, warming liquids, and an assortment of gift boxes containing a variety of thoughtful, playful things you can use to heat things up at just the right temperature based on your “Candy Type”. 

Sweeten Your Love Life with Our Top Valentine’s Day Picks!

We’re a sexy toy website for couples focused on enhancing your relationship in the bedroom (or kitchen, or dining room, or office…)

Valentine’s Day looks different for everyone, and as a couple ourselves, we work hard to connect with people just like you who are looking for something different in the adult sexy toy category. We know from our own personal experience how intimidating this space can be for couples. No crude images, demeaning themes, only a way for you to explore, enhance and have fun. That is why we take the focus off of what we’re selling and put it on you—because you are where the value lies, and you’re the reason we’re doing this!

Our adult Valentine’s gifts come in all shapes and sizes for him, her, both, and everything in between

At Candied Couples, we know not every couple shares the same interests or wants the same kind of intimacy. That’s exactly why we created our Candy Quiz. It helps you determine what your “Candy Type” is, which tells you which adult toys and other products are best suited to you, your partner or both of you as a couple.

Based on your Candy Type, you can pick from our wide range of Valentine’s Day gifts for her, him, and couples and get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day, which is really all about showin’ each other some love!

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Shop our selection of perfect Valentine’s presents for her, romantic Valentine’s gifts for guys, and only the best fun, exciting and intimate Valentine’s gifts for couples

This Valentine’s Day, we’re excited to open our door to couples everywhere with all kinds of fun, romantic, kinky, and sexy offers perfect for your “Candy Type”. They are sure to please you both. We hope you’ll enjoy connecting (and reconnecting!) with your selections from Candied Couples and continue to explore all the levels of your relationship over Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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Send us your Candy Type on our Valentine’s Day Instagram post at @candiedcouples and we’ll send you a coupon code! 

You can continue to learn more about Candied Couples and all we offer across our social channels, and in later posts on our blog. After all, Valentine’s Day can be a great time to rekindle that spark—so know that we’re here to support all your romantic, sexy and fun intimate product needs year-round, long after the pink and red candies have nibbled up!

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